acupuncture and chinese medicine treat insomniaRestless sleep, trouble falling and staying asleep, light sleep, erratic and short sleep cycles respond well to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Not being to get adequate sleep can drain energy and negatively effect our well-being. Usually, by the time a client comes in they often have tried OTC approaches such as antihistamines, sedatives, calmatives, etc to no avail. If none of these methods work, one should consider Chinese medicine, as it can correct underlying problems that are driving the sleep issues.

The first thing we do is look at sleep hygiene to make sure there are no extraneous issues such as light from electronic devices, poor air circulation, bad bed, etc to disturb sleep. It is very important to address any physical nuisance that might be disturbing sleep as they can be enough to impact a light sleeper’s slumber.

Next, we take a comprehensive look at one’s constitution, metabolism, and energy systems for any source of imbalance. Here is where we often find the problem and will focus treatment on the imbalance. Whether it be stress effecting our nervous system, adrenal or thyroid deficiencies, imbalances in organ and energy systems, or a host of other issues, Chinese medicine will often have an approach that addresses the problem at its root. I often employ a mix of acupuncture, herbs, supplements, diet, and exercise to address the problem to very good effect.

So if you aren’t sleeping like you think you should be, contact me and we will get you back to balance and enjoying a better night’s sleep!