Acupuncture to treat Neck and Back pain

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Back and neck pain is one of the top reasons that people seek treatment from healthcare providers. This makes sense because according to numerous studies, nearly everyone (80% of the total population) will have a bout of back or neck pain at some time in their life bad enough to cause them to seek help. Treatments for back and neck pain exceed 50 billion dollars per year and is the number one cause of lost work days. Arthritis, disc issues, muscle sprain, ligamentous sprain, nerve root impingement, and myofascial problems are the main sources of pain. Unfortunately, western medicine offers very few effective treatments for chronic and acute back and neck conditions. With the notable exceptions of cortico-steriod injections and physical therapy, nothing truly is helpful. This is where natural treatments definitely are superior and quickly bring relief and very often a cure.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers very effective treatments for neck and pain. Acupuncture, massage, cupping, gua sha (a gentle scraping therapy), herbs, supplements, and exercise are the main modalities employed. In combination, they are powerful tools to stop inflammation, relax spasm, relieve pain, and stimulate the body to heal. They work very well and surprisingly, even structural issues such as mild to moderate disc herniations, arthritis, and torn muscles respond extremely well to TCM. The great news is that there are no side effects beyond mild bruising that occur. Compare that to western medicine where there are over 100,000 visits to Emergency Rooms in the U.S. due to kidney, liver or GI problems for NSAIDS alone. In addition, failed surgeries, infection, increased pain and loss of function due to improper treatments, are further complications associated with western approaches.

All in all TCM is a fantastic way to treat acute and chronic back and neck problems. So if you or a loved one in Fort Collins or the saurrounding area suffers with these issues, contact me, and we will get you help immediately.