Chronic Bladder Problems can be cured with Chinese Medicine

Chronic Bladder Problems can be cured with Chinese Medicine

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Many men and women suffer with chronic bladder ailments today. Often they have tried a number of approaches but only get temporary relief. Why is this? Much of the time it is because the problems are treated by addressing the symptoms only. When one also focuses on the root of the problem conditions such as cystitis, chronic bladder infections, chronic pain, frequent urination, prolapse, and incontinence can be cured or greatly helped by Chinese medicine.

Chinese and Western herbology, acupuncture, vitamin and mineral supplementation, proper diet, and stress mitigation techniques are very effective tools used in treating bladder problems. For example, I have personally seen great clinical results with recurring urinary tract infections (UTI). A typical client who has this issue will have used Western medicine for a long time prior to seeing me. This often means that they have had harsh medicines like antibiotics and antifungals which in addition to the bladder complaint create other problems. This person needs an approach that eliminates any pathogens, strengthens the immunes system, repairs damaged tissue, restores balance and ultimately corrects the underlying cause(s). The natural therapies mentioned above are the perfect tools for dealing with this problem. They will affect a cure while supporting the body and have very limited if any, side effects.

A helpful hint and a way to immediately impact chronic UTI is to eat foods that are supportive and healing. Using non-sweetened cranberry juice concentrate is well known approach. Research has shown that a compound in cranberries helps to keep bacteria from adhering to the bladder and urethra. Drinking large amounts of water will help lower the bacteria count and sooth inflamed tissue. Avoiding acidic foods such as coffee, citrus juices, deep fried, fatty foods, alcohol, sugar and white vinegar lessens irritation to the bladder and strengthens the immune system. Additionally, including foods rich in vitamin C, chlorophyll and bioflavanoids – like leafy green vegetables – will provide needed nutrients and help repair tissue.

The treatment of chronic UTI with natural techniques illustrates how useful holistic medicine can be for long term complaints. It can provide a safe, supportive and effective treatment for a potentially vexing problem.