healing-journey-300x224One of the most profound principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that the process of searching for a holistic cure for illness often involves a deep, personal transformative journey.  This is especially true in chronic disease.  In order to affect a cure, often those suffering with chronic illnesses need to look deeply into all aspects of their personal life to understand the cause of their symptoms.    In this way, it is helpful to look at the symptoms as a manifestation of an underlying deeper imbalance in lifestyle, diet, exercise, and habits.  This can provide a great deal of useful information as to what areas to focus on in order to achieve balance and ultimately, excellent health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that the route to wellness lies in correctly balancing the elements of life.   For balance to be achieved, it is necessary to be in harmony both internally and externally.  In TCM, one first begins to learn how to balance their internal constitution – essentially, their genetic tendencies.  This occurs when one correctly understands what elements predominate and which are more recessive, and then uses natural healing means like foods, exercise, activities, lifestyle, herbs, acupuncture, qigong, etc., to help nurture and support balance.  As one develops internal balance, it is wise to also examine one’s external environment (where one lives, the seasons, relationships with others, etc) to determine if those elements are in harmony.  Through this deep examination one can not only gain the necessary knowledge to treat their illness, but also create a blueprint for thriving in life. A deep wisdom that is relatively easy and simple to implement – with the correct knowledge and intention.

As a TCM healthcare provider, I have the honor of witnessing this growth process daily within clients.  In this way, my clients and I form a partnership that nurtures health and wellness.  Ideally, my role as a guide is to support growth by helping clients move forward when they are stuck at one point or another.  As much as possible, this growth should occur without my undue influence, allowing the client to fully experience their personal journey.  The client’s role is to understand how excellent health is a function of personal choices and one’s constitution and actively pursue changes that bring greater balance and harmony.  This type of introspection can cause a deeper integration of the healing experience into other aspects of life.  We then move beyond healing one particular malady, establishing a balance that will support excellent health, a calm mind, and most importantly, spiritual growth.

If the unexamined life isn’t worth living then the converse must also be true- that the examined life is very worthy of living.  Deep introspection can not only impart more meaning to a life, but it is often absolutely necessary to understand why we become ill.  In this way, healing an illness becomes a journey that can positively impact all the other aspects of one’s life.

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