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Tai Chi Chuan

Harmonize with Fall Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Fall Greetings from Hugh’s Acupuncture Clinic! Despite the warm weather recently, earlier sunsets and cooler mornings signal that Autumn is around the corner. At this time in nature, animals start to prepare for hibernation and plant life begins to decompose as leaves, flowers...

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan

What is Tai Chi Chuan anyway? Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese form of martial art that marries fighting techniques with energy cultivation methods. So, why are all those Chinese people practicing this martial art?  It just so happens that besides being an effective form of...

Harmonize with Springtime by using Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Happy Springtime!! We are beginning to see nature’s signs that Spring is right around the corner.  Trees are beginning to bud, tulips and crocuses are pushing there way up and out of the ground, the sun is setting a little later, and the wind is really picking up around the Front...